United Technologies for Kids
United Technologies for Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging STEM education in high schools globally. Each June, our team of dedicated UC Berkeley students travels to Perú or Colombia to teach Arduino technology and 3D printing, for a month. The students demonstrate their mastery of these technologies by creating and presenting projects during our annual UTK conference at UC Berkeley in February.
UTK is devoted to providing educational services to passionate high school students interested in any S.T.E.M. discipline. Our staff provides the fundamental basics of computer programming and design procedures by working intricately with Arduino microcontrollers and software programs dedicated to design.
UTK hopes to inspire younger generations all across the world by teaching the simplicities of working with modern-age technology and demonstrating how any individual's ideas could be brought to reality. At the end of the program, students will have developed the self confidence and motivation to manifest their ideas into products and tools that could have an impact in the world.


Travel Instructors

Being a travel instructor provides a unique opportunity to travel to Perú or Colombia to teach the subjects of Arduinos, Electronics, Programming, Robotics, and much more to local high school students. Ideally around two students will be selected to be instructors for each participating high school. The travel instructors will have knowledge in all specific subjects that will be taught to the students and will hold workshops to teach each subject. The level of expertise that each instructor has on all the subjects will depend on the region that they’re selected to teach in. Instructors will hopefully inspire the local high schoolers to use the knowledge that they learn to create real life projects. Being an instructor provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to teach S.T.E.M. subjects to local high schoolers, who without this program would have limited access to these subjects.

Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development team will be responsible for developing high quality lesson plans that capture the basics of computer programming and design procedures. In addition, the team should be able to design small projects that test the understanding of the material as well as step-by-step instructions of software installation.


Our outreach team has three subdivisions. One division is dedicated to communicating with local high schools in the Bay Area to test out curriculum. The second focuses on gathering sponsors from small and large tech companies. Our last subdivision focuses on recruitment of new members and new high schools in other countries.

We are always looking for new team members and new high schools to add to our program. If you are interested in becoming a part of our program, please fill out our recruitment application here.